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About Us

We are a family run business which was founded in 2012 with me, Kellie, at the helm. Plush Addict was born out of my serious fabric addiction, a determination not to return to my previous job and a desire to make pretty cloth nappies for my little girl. It became apparent very quickly that one of the hardest things about making cloth nappies was sourcing all the required fabrics and notions in the UK at a reasonable price, and in one place. It wasn't possible, so I decided to make it so. It seems that I wasn't the only one to want a one stop shop for cloth nappy making and the idea took off from day one.

We have listened to our lovely customers and as a result our range has grown far beyond just cloth nappy making supplies. We now stock an extensive range of quality quilting weight cottons, haberdashery and beyond. I feel very privileged to be able to spend more time with my family by running our business together AND be able to ligitimise my rather serious fabric addiction! We are passionate about providing excellent customer service to our customers, fast delivery at a reasonable price. We also strive to offer a comprehensive depth of range in all the lines we do. We source quality fabrics from the UK and around the world and also have some fabrics manufactured ourselves.

"I" very soon became "We" and I'm very proud to be working with my husband, my mum and my sister in law, we are Family Plush. We all work very hard behind the scenes to bring you your fabrics at a super speedy rate. We also employ some local mums offering flexible hours to help with child care and a decent hourly rate.

Both my mum and I have many years of sewing and craft experience between us. My mum taught me to sew as a girl, my nanny taught my mum to sew too. I'm looking forward to teaching my little girl to sew, if she's not sick of the sight of fabric by the time she's old enough that is. We love our customers and are always so overwhelmed by the kind comments we receive. We do encourage you to get in touch with any requests or questions you may have.

Thanks for reading.

Family Plush