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    KAM Hand Pliers from Pluhs Addict

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    KAM Snap Fastening Pliers with Free KAM snaps


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    These are genuine KAM pliers, they are perfect for fitting the KAM brand resin snaps.

    Hand pliers for manually applying resin snaps.

    This set consists of:
    1 x set of pliers
    1 x Awl
    1 x Screwdriver
    1 x Metal Rod
    Dies Head to fit size 16, 20 and 24 snaps (these are also referred to as Size T3, T5 and T8).

    These are easy to use and perfect for adding snap fasteners to your project. A good grip comes in handy when using them as generally the harder you squeeze the better the fir of the plastic snaps is. If you are looking to fit a lot of snap fasters then we would recommend buying a desktop KAM Press - DK-98 or DK-93 as these are far more industrial and will make it much easier to fit lots of snaps to your work.

    You will get a FREE pack of 25 white KAM snaps with your pliers. Please note that if you buy multiple sets of pliers then you may be sent the free KAM snaps in one bag.
    Brand KAM



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