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  • 20% off All KAM - Summer Of Sizzling Offers


    KAM Snaps - 20% OFF!

    To start off this Summer of Sizzling Offers we're offering 20% off all things KAM! This includes everything from the very popular KAM Snaps to the greatly useful Piers and Presses. But, this offer is only available until 23rd July 2017, so take advantage of this offer whilst it lasts.

    What are KAM Snaps?

    A little confused on what KAM snaps are and how you use them or just need a little reminder? No problem! We explain everything you need to know in the video here.


    KAM Snaps: Blue, Purple, Green & Pink

    KAM Snaps: Red, Yellow, Green & White


  • Embroidered Motifs - Customize your clothes!


    Embroidered Motifs Styled Shot

    Easily customize your clothes with the hottest trend this season with these gorgeous embroidered motifs! With a large, varied collection to choose from there is bound to be a design that is perfect for you. They are a brilliant finishing touch to add to your projects and can add that extra bit of personality to make your creation that much more unique. The patches just simply iron onto your clothes - simple!

    For more information about motifs and what you can do with them click here.


    Embroidered Motifs - Customize your clothes!


  • KAM Snaps are back in stock!


    KAM Snaps are finally back in stock!

    KAM snaps are finally back in stock! KAM snaps are high quality and durable fasteners made from polyacetal resin, which is an extremely strong type of plastic. We have a massive selection of different shades and colours to choose from in both matte and gloss. Just remember, you will need either a set of KAM pliers or a KAM press to apply these snaps on to your garment or project.



  • New Haberdashery - Sewline Fabric Pencil


    The Sewline fabric pencil is amazing. You'll wonder why you didn't have one sooner!

    These Sewline pencils have a revolutionary ceramic lead, that is strong, smooth to draw with and stays sharp for longer. The colour is baked into the ceramic which means that you will get a smoother action when drawing. Sewline fabric pencils also have an easy to use eraser and comes with 6 pencil lead refills, so it'll take you a while to run out!



  • New Haberdashery - Mettler Thread Kits

    Mettler Thread Kits are perfect for those wanting to expand their collection!
    Mettler Threads are extremely high quality threads with a large range to fit your needs. Now, you can get these handy little thread kits consisting of Poly Sheen - an excellent range of embroidery threads. They reflect the light superbly thanks to their tri-lobal strand composition. Thread kits contain from 8 up to 28 threads in varying colour palettes to get you started on your thread collection!





  • New Haberdashery - Wooden Sew On Letters

    Wooden Letters can make fantastic gifts!
    Get personal with these wonderful sew on wooden letters! They don't only look stunning, they also add a rustic charm to all of your creations. A brilliant idea for gifts, this is a great way to make all of your projects unique in their own special way.





  • Plush Addict is now stocking Mettler Threads!


    We are now stocking mettler threads!

    Mettler threads are available in over 500+ colours!

    Mettler Threads are extremely high quality threads with a large range to fit your needs. We have silk-finish cotton (made from 100% egyptian cotton) perfect for quilting, embroidery and all other types of sewing. We also have universal threads with over 280 colours to choose from, just to name a few. With Mettler you can guarantee a quality product that will make your projects all the more brilliant.


  • Plush Addict is now stocking Schmetz needles!

    Schmetz needles are the pinnacle of quality when it comes to sewing!

    Schmetz Needles come in a variety of purposes!
    Schmetz Needles are now stocking Schmetz machine needles! Schmetz have been manufacturing top quality needles since 1851 and are considered by many to be the best needles on the market. We have an impressive range now in stock.



  • New Haberdashery For April



    Hessian trims bring some beautiful rustic charm to your projects!

    Hessian fabric is a wonderful material that can bring some rural charm to any project you're working on.

    Are you planning a rustic wedding? We have a lovely selection of pretty hessian trims suitable for your tablewear!


    Pom poms will brighten up your projects!

    This new pom pom trim is amazing. The explosion of colour will add interest and texture to many clothing, craft and home decor projects. A nice, yet simple addition which will brighten up your various crafts and projects with joy.

    If you would like to create the scarf in the image, look no further! This spectacular tutorial from Sewing Rabbit is easy to follow and perfect for beginners.


    Bias piping is great for a refined finish to your projects!

    We now have ready made bias piping cord in stock! It's fantastic for adding those polished finishing touches to clothes, crafting or upholstery projects. An extremely easy way of adding top quality piping cord without needing to make your own from scratch.

    To help you along, here is a brilliant tutorial from Craftsy which tells you change sew piping into a pillow leaving you with a gorgeous finish to your project to sew piping like a pro!


    Fringing is a brilliant way to spruce up your projects!

    Using fringing is a brilliant way to make your projects have a fantastic finish that will make it that much more unique. Brilliant for all types of projects whether that be costume making, home decoration or even crafts. Adding fringing is a quick and easy way to customise your clothing and accessories.

    Want to create something with fringing? This amazing purse tutorial from Sewing Rabbit is a perfect introduction to the possibilities of using fringe.


  • New Sewing Boxes


    Sewing Boxes

    These gorgeous sewing boxes will make the perfect Mother's day gift!

    Looking to organise your sewing supplies? Look no further, because these new sewing boxes are both stylish and neat, whilst remaining very practical. Upholstered in gorgeous cotton fabric with luxury lining; these sewing boxes are extremely high quality with a wicker binding and handle for portability. There is also a sturdy lift out plastic tray for the storage of smaller items and an integral pin cushion.There's also a range of wooden boxes to choose from. All are uniquely decorated, whether you want a simple wooden box with a glass panel or a more extravagant octagon design - all will be perfect for storing scraps, charm packs or even just general haberdashery!

    This would make the perfect Mother's Day gift. Or... you could treat yourself to a new sewing box! Who wouldn't be tempted?


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