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  • Frozen Fabrics Back In Stock With 20% Off Until Sunday!

    We have fab news for all Frozen lovers out there - every one of our Frozen fabrics from Springs Creative is now back in stock! It may finally be feeling like summer is on its way, but Frozen mania lives all year round! There's so much to choose from, with quilt cottons, plush, fleece and flannel fabrics all available. Plus, we're offering 20% off all these prints until Sunday, so what are you waiting for?

  • Frozen Fabrics Coming Soon!

    I'm sure that many of you will be delighted to know that we have Frozen fabrics coming soon from Springs Creative! These wonderful fabrics are bound to impress any fan of the film! These are due in late October/ early November so head over to the full site (not mobile), click here, pick your favourite fabric(s) and sign up on the listings to be notified when they arrive.


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