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"Lets Get Sewing" Beginners Sewing Kit

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"Lets Get Sewing" Beginners Sewing Kit


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For a budding new sewer we have put together items that you will need to get started and at a discounted price that will help also.

You can also add Fiskars Classic Dressmaking Scissors or Classic Quick Clip Thread Snips to make it a full package.

Heres what is included:

Colour pearlised head pin rosette. 40 pins. 38mm x 0.60mm.
Tape Measure 150cm: Metric/Imperial
Assorted Household Needles Pack 12
Tailor's Chalk Triangle 3 pack
Sewing / Stitch Unpicker
100m Guterman Sew all Thread col 000
100m Guterman Sew all Thread col 800
Brand Plush Addict
Location a1



Use our handy convertor to help you work out your fabric measurements.

MM CM Metre Inch Yards
910.00 91.44 0.91 36.00 1.00

What is a Fat Quarter?

A fat quarter (often abreviated to FQ) is a rectangular piece of fabric which generally measures 50cm x 55cm however this is not always the case as it depends on the fabric. Confused?! It's quite easy once you know how a fat quarter got its name...

A fat quarter is "Half a Length and Half a Width", so in our case half a length is 50cm (as one length is one metre) and half the width is half of whatever the width of the fabric is. The width is generally 110cm for cotton fabrics, but sometimes a fat quarter will measure 50cm x 70cm if the fabric is 140cm wide, or 50cm x 55cm if the fabric is 150cm wide etc.

A fat quarter has the same surface area as a 1/4 metre of fabric, it's just cut in a different way and is more versatile for some projects than a "traditional" 1/4m.

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words...


Our premium plush fabrics come in a variety of cut sizes. sometimes it's important to understand how the fabric is cut to work out which way the fabric stretch will go, and also the pile.

What Is The Workshop Cancellation Policy?

Do I get a refund if I need to cancel a sewing workshop place?

It depends on how far away your workshop is:
If you cancel more than 28 days before the date - You will receive a full refund
If you cancel within 2-4 week before the start date - You will receive a 50% refund. If we resell your place then you'll receive a full refund.
If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the date - Unless we are able to resell your place we're sorry but no refund will be given.

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